Around the School



Our school is very light and airy.  All of the classrooms have windows which look out onto our extensive field. As well as the four main classrooms and the Early Years outdoor area, we have ‘practical areas’ which are excellent for art type activities and small group work.


 School Hall

Our spacious hall serves as an assembly area, PE space and also a dining room where the children eat their meals which are cooked daily on site.



Our new library is stocked with fiction and non-fiction books, which the children use on a regular basis.


Outside Classroom

We have many different areas within our school grounds. Our wildlife area which includes a pond was home to some ducklings which we hatched last year (these now live with one of our families).  This area also has a covered veranda which is an excellent space for the children to sit in during outdoor learning time.


Sports Field

On our main school field, we have 2 football pitches and a variety of wooden play equipment; this includes a fort, a climbing frame, a gym trail and a small climbing wall.  In the grounds we also have a ‘quiet area’ where there are picnic benches and a willow dome.

Outdoor Activity Kit