Meet the school’s governors

School governors provide strategic leadership and accountability in the school. The Board of Governors appoint the Headteacher and hold the main responsibility for the school’s finance. The governors work with the Headteacher to make the tough decisions about balancing resources and are a source of challenge and support to the Headteacher . The governing body sets the aims and objectives for the school and monitors and evaluates the progress the school is making towards achievement of these.

Governor Responsibilities

Our governing body is constituted with three Parent Governors, one Local Authority governor, one Staff Governor, one Headteacher and six Co-opted Governors. The full governing body and each of the committees meet at least once per term. In addition each governor has responsibility for monitoring  and reporting on an individual subject or school area.

Governor Role Committees
Adam Clark Chair of Governors
Parent Governor
Learning & Achievement (Chair)
Communications & Community (Chair)
Karen Bilner Headteacher Learning & Achievement
Communications & Community
Janet Coppen Co-opted Governor
Link Governor
Learning & Achievement
Rachelle Jones Staff Governor Premises, Health & Safety
Matthew Carney Vice-chair of Governors
Parent Governor
Finance (Chair)
Learning & Achievement
Kathryn Jones Co-opted Governor Communications & Community
Paul Fountain Co-opted Governor Premises, Health & Safety
Paula Baker Co-opted Governor Learning & Achievement
Hilary Cairns Co-opted Governor Learning & Achievement
Ben Surtees Parent Governor Finance Committee
Richard Halsall Co-opted Governor Premises, Health & Safety
Karen Bland Local Authority Governor Communications & Community
Kelly Martin Associate Member (non-voting) Finance Committee
Lisa Allum Associate Member (non-voting) Premises, Health & Safety Committee

Governor Appointments

The table below shows appointment details of all governors that have served at any point over the past 12 months.

Governor Appointed Appointed by Term of Office
Rachelle Jones Sept 2014 Staff 4 years
Janet Coppen Nov 2014 The Governing Body 4 years
Adam Clark Feb 2015 Parents 4 years
Karen Bilner Sept 2015  (Headteacher)
Matthew Carney Nov 2015 Parents 4 years
Kathryn Jones Mar 2016 The Governing Body 4 years
Paul Fountain Mar 2016 The Governing Body 4 years
Paula Baker Mar 2016 The Governing Body 4 years
Hilary Cairns Nov 2016 The Governing Body 4 years
Richard Halsall Mar 2017 The Governing Body 4 years
Karen Bland Mar 2017 The Governing Body 4 years
Ben Surtees Mar 2017 Parents 4 years
Rev. Rosalind Paul Resigned Mar 2017 The Governing Body 4 years
Jolyon Martin Resigned June 2017 Parents 4 years

Governor Attendance

The table below shows the attendance of governors at full governing body meetings over the last academic year.

Governor Summer 2017 Spring 2017 Autumn 2016
Rev. Rosalind Paul n/a absent absent
Rachelle Jones present present present
Janet Coppen present present present
Adam Clark present present present
Jolyon Martin n/a present present
Karen Bilner present present present
Matthew Carney present present present
Kathryn Jones present present present
Paul Fountain absent present present
Paula Baker present present present
Hilary Cairns present present n/a
Richard Halsall present present n/a
Ben Surtees present present n/a
Karen Bland present present n/a

Pecuniary Interests

Governors hold an important public office, so in the interests of transparency, the governing body publishes details of pecuniary interests including any governance roles in other educational institutions or any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives).

Governor Name Nature of interest Address of business Nature of business
Adam Clark Green Spark Productions Ltd t/a Green Spark and t/a AV unit Director and shareholder 243 Felixstowe Rd
Event production, media production, audio visual hire & installations
Adam Clark Clare Clark Spouse – Employed at the School
Ben Surtees Surtees Studios Ltd Director and shareholder 2 Burgess Cottages
Pound Hill
Little Dunmow
Software Development