School Development

The School Development Plan sets out the school’s strategy and development planning for the academic year 2015-16. The plan sets out specific actions for the year ahead and has been developed through discussion and consultation with, staff, governors, parents and pupils. Progress of the plan and achievement of the specific objectives is subject to regular review by staff and governors. Below is a summary of the School Development Plan.

Outcomes for Pupils

85% of pupils in all year groups to be working at the expected level for their age group (secure) in reading, writing and maths.
30% of pupils in all year groups to be working above the expected level for their age group (exceeding) in reading, writing and maths.
Ensure progress of vulnerable groups is in line or exceeding that of the other pupils.
85% of pupils to pass the Year 1 phonics
85% of pupils to reach expected standard for Year 2 Grammar

Teaching, learning and assessment

To improve Speaking and Listening Skills throughout the curriculum
To ensure that teaching across the school is good or better
To improve handwriting and presentation in all areas of the curriculum.
To ensure there are clear learning objectives, differentiated success criteria and that this is reflected in the marking
To ensure that children are given the opportunity to respond to marking and feedback

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

To ensure that ‘Diversity’ is inter-twinned within school
To write and implement a new behaviour policy which has clear steps for success and consequences
To ensure online-safety is delivered within the school
To ensure that all children have high expectations of themselves and others and are fully involved in their learning
To promote opportunities for pupils to be active citizens within the school and wider community
To ensure that there is effective communication and engagement with parents

Leadership and Management

To develop teachers’ roles as subject leaders
To develop Governors roles within the school
To train a member of staff to be a SENCO
To ensure that there is a trained Safeguarding Designated Person and Alternate
To ensure Headteacher receives appropriate support for development